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About the Author

Angela Gala is a museum professional from Italy. Passionate about the development of the world’s most precious museums and historical sites from a young age, she holds a B.S. in Economics and Management for Arts, Culture and Communication (CLEACC) from Bocconi University in Milan and a M.A. in Museum Studies from the University of San Francisco (USF). While living in California, Angela interned and worked at different museums in the areas of Visitor Services & Education Programs. She relocated to Paris in May 2017, where she founded Musalley and the @imamusaller movement shortly thereafter. In 2020, Angela was diagnosed with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and she took a year off blogging and Instagram-ming. After a long series of treatments, and still fighting, today Angela lives in Rome where she spends her time taking photos and doing research. 

You can email Angela here. If you’re excited about Musalley, or if you have any comments, questions or concerns, let them know.


About the Blog (EN, ITA)


Hello everyone!

Welcome to the Alley of Museums, a space where museums are meant for all!

Musalley aims at making museums, galleries and other organizations of artistic relevance more appealing to the larger public through the Internet. Its goal is to support these institutions in strengthening their competitive advantage over other organizations in the cultural and creative industries, thus helping increase their access and visibility.

To this purpose, the keywords are three: amuse, inform and share. This will happen every last Friday of the month (Friday Heirloom) and every last Tuesday of the month (Tuesday Intangible). Friday Heirlooms used to present museums, galleries and other spaces of artistic relevance but have mostly become a space of reflection on the current state of museums and the field as a whole; Tuesday Intangibles are mostly features of members of the #imamusaller community (they take place on Instagram).

Having spent four years in San Francisco, the tech hub of the United States, I have witnessed the use of technology in many wonderful ways, to achieve the most incredible goals. In the Bay Area, I started to consider the potential of social media in shaping people’s behaviors, and the fact that, through them, I could help for example shed light on the myth (read: common belief) of museums, particularly, as boring and somehow “up class” places.

Information is power, when used in constructive ways. Who knows me also knows that the development of the world’s cultural sites matters to me since when I was a child, those Italian days when every trip was either to a museum or to a site of some historical relevance. And I was always saddened by how some of these places were, and still are, kept and run, at least in Italy. As a matter of fact, the country is turning them over to better “care-givers” as we speak.

As a museum professional, I have learned that some countries still struggle to associate museums with money, mostly thinking of these places as mausoleums. Other countries lack the basics, including the educational foundations, to do so. This obviously leads to disasters in the management of these sites, with all the consequences in terms of preservation of the worlds’ heritage and of our identity.

Building awareness, especially among young people, will bring along with it the spirit and passion of the museum-goers and art lovers of today and tomorrow.

Arts and museums are what structures our identity as humans. Museums embody creativity, discovery, and comprehension; exchange, emotion, and inspiration; curiosity, amusement, transmission and protection. What does all that mean? It means that museums are us, the symbol of our openness and tolerance, and today they are more alive than ever.

My goal in this journey over the years to come is to promote museums, as well as galleries and other spaces of artistic relevance, in the city of Paris and beyond. I want to make these realities directly accessible to the audience, hopefully leading more people to visit and/or support them in other ways.

The worlds’ heritage needs us, and we need it. Therefore, I wish you all countless Friday Heirlooms and Tuesday Intangibles!

My best regards,

Angela Gala


Ciao a tutti!

Benvenuti nel Vicolo dei Musei, uno spazio in cui i musei sono per tutti!

Musalley mira a rendere musei, gallerie ed altre organizzazioni di rilevanza artistica più attraenti al grande pubblico attraverso Internet. Il suo obiettivo è quello di sostenere queste istituzioni nel rafforzare il loro vantaggio competitivo rispetto ad altre organizzazioni nelle industrie culturali e creative, aumentando così il loro accesso e la loro visibilità.

A questo scopo, le parole chiave sono tre: divertimento, informazione e condivisione. Ciò avverrà ogni venerdì (Friday Heirloom) e ogni ultimo martedì di ogni mese (Tuesday Intangible). I Friday Heirlooms erano utilizzati per presentare musei, gallerie o spazi di rilevanza artistica ma sono per lo più divenuti dei luoghi di riflessione sullo stato dei musei e dell’intero campo museale; i Tuesday Intangibles sono invece delle rappresentazioni dei membri della comunità #imamusaller su Instagram.

Dopo aver trascorso quattro anni a San Francisco, il centro tecnologico degli Stati Uniti, ho assistito all’utilizzo della tecnologia in molti modi meravigliosi, per raggiungere gli obiettivi più incredibili. Nella Baia, ho iniziato a considerare il potenziale dei social media nel modellare i comportamenti delle persone, e il fatto che tramite essi potessi aiutare per esempio a far luce sul mito (leggere: credenza comune) dei musei come noiosi e in qualche modo “per pochi eletti”.

L’informazione è potere, quando usata in modi costruttivi. Chi mi conosce sa anche che lo sviluppo dei siti culturali del mondo mi interessa sin da quando ero bambina, quei giorni italiani in cui ogni gita era o ad un museo o in un sito di rilevanza storica. Ed ero sempre tristemente delusa da come alcuni di questi luoghi fossero, e sono ancora, tenuti e gestiti, almeno in Italia. Di fatto, in questo preciso momento, molti di essi sono nel processo di essere donati a vari imprenditori ed istituzioni.

Come professionista museale, ho imparato che molti paesi ancora oggi lottano per associare i musei al denaro, soprattutto pensando a questi luoghi come mausolei. Altri paesi non hanno le basi, incluse quelle educative, per farlo. Ciò porta ovviamente a disastri nella loro gestione, con tutte le conseguenze in termini di preservazione del patrimonio mondiale, e della nostra identità.

Creare consapevolezza, soprattutto fra i più giovani, porterà con se lo spirito e la passione dei frequentatori dei musei / amanti dell’arte di oggi e di domani.

Le arti ed i musei costituiscono la nostra identità in quanto esseri umani. I musei rappresentano creatività, scoperta e comprensione; scambio, emozione e ispirazione; curiosità, divertimento, trasmissione e protezione. Cosa significa tutto questo? Significa che i musei siamo “noi“. Essi sono il simbolo della nostra apertura e tolleranza, ed oggi sono più vivi che mai.

Il mio obiettivo in questo viaggio negli anni a venire è quello di promuovere musei, gallerie ed altri spazi artistici, nella città di Parigi e oltre, rendendoli direttamente accessibili al pubblico e sperando di portare più persone a visitarli e/o supportarli in altri modi.

Il patrimonio culturale del mondo ha bisogno di noi, e noi abbiamo bisogno di esso. Pertanto, auguro a tutti innumerevoli Friday Heirlooms e Tuesday Intangibles!

I miei distinti saluti,

Angela Gala


31 thoughts on “About Musalley (EN/ITA)

  1. Thank you for following my blog. I love museums and recently blogged about the Ludwig in Cologne as well as two small museums in Germany dedicated to preserving the Jewish history of their region. I don’t know if you include non-art museums, but I know those two small museums need funding!

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  2. such a lovely site! anything with art & bilingual rocks 🙂

    did you consider using google translate widget? if not, you can find out more about on my site — just type ‘translate’ into search bar on top right

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello and thanks for the suggestion! I finally decided to post only in English as it seems like it’s less confusing for the reader…


  3. What a great idea. I wrote a song and added photos that I took inside the Bardo Museum in Tunis, Tunisia before the attack. Here is the link to Tribute to the Bardo by swo8 Blues Jazz.

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  4. Hello, thank you, firstly, for visiting and following my blog and, secondly, for doing such sterling work in bringing museums into view. I volunteer at my local museum in Moffat, Scotland because, as an artist, I feel history, our shared narrative, is extremely important to health and wellbeing. I couldn’t make art without museums and art galleries, and look forward to engaging with your content.


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