Friday Heirloom 2019

Friday Heirloom 88: #MuseumHour (Feb. 4th, 2019), Twitter

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What’s in an hour? An hour is nothing for those who’re happy, but try being in pain: an hour is the longest hour.

Museum Hour, aka one of my reach out / communication dreams for Musalley, has come true earlier this week, when I was able to lead the debate on Millennials in Museums.


Answers to the first question: What comes to mind when you hear the word “millennial”?

What is “Museum Hour”? @museumhour is UK-based museum movement run entirely online (on Twitter) by Sophie Ballinger (@sospot) and Tehmina Goskar (@tehm).

It takes place every Monday at 8pm UK time and attracts about 11 thousand followers  (as of today) from all over the world, including myself!

Each week one of the chosen hosts brings up a topic or a theme on which he or she asks questions, offers insights and shares sources.

I learn so much every week from all the questions and comments; it really is a way for the museum community, but also for those of you who simply love museums, to stay on top of what’s relevant.

Using the hashtag #MuseumHour is crucial as it helps follow the debate during, before and after the hour, as I learned.

I must admit that I was nervous before Museum Hour on Monday. As I imagined, so many people joined in on the fun and I interacted with as many millennials as possible. I learned a ton about their expectations from museum practice as well as their fears when using the word “millennial”.

The biggest take-away of all?

“Behind the scenes I think we actually keep the show running” (Tweet from Jenny Mathiasson).

I hope you followed the debate! You can still take a look at some of the answers on the Twitter account of @museumhour! The debate was really great and there were just so many answers that is impossible for me to pick and choose the best ones!

These are the teasers I posted the week before the conversation:

  1. Hi guys! This is @imamusaller and I’ll be hosting #MuseumHour next week. I’m a blogger based in France and the founder of the #imamusaller movement on Instagram. Let’s talk millennials in museums!
  2. Do you believe in the power of the social media skills of most millennials? Do you think they can improve the status of today’s museums? Take a look at how this millennial curator is shaping the future of the California African American Museum: #MuseumHour #imamusaller
  3. Are museums the new yoga? Many millennials seem to love museums and their positive impact on personal health. If you’re still skeptical, check out this recent article: #MuseumHour #imamusaller
  4. Can (and should?) museums “compete” with Instagrammable pop-ups when it comes to grabbing the attention of a millennial audience? Here’s a few possible answers by the @AAM: #MuseumHour #imamusaller
  5. It’s almost #MuseumHour and I’m excited to learn more about the way you see millennials in museums. Are we really “all play and no work”? The Manifesto of the Musaller, which many millennials embrace on Instagram, is all about compassionate action in & out museums: #MuseumHour #imamusaller

And these are the questions I asked to generate debate:

  1. What comes to mind when you hear the word “millennial”? #MuseumHour #imamusaller
  2. Millennials, the people aged about 22-38 years old, are often seen as narcissists, superficial and lazy. Do you think millennials in museums are seen in a more positive light? #MuseumHour #imamusaller
  3. What do you think is the greatest thing millennials can contribute to the museum field? Why?
  4. As a millennial, or with/around millennial friends, what do you look for in a museum trip? #MuseumHour #imamusaller
  5. How do you think museums can better serve the millennial audience, when this group’s primary reason for participating into cultural activities is “having fun” (that’s what a whopping 81% of the surveyed audience mentioned in this 2017 study: #MuseumHour #imamusaller
  6. Name one or more museum programs and initiatives that you know of (and enjoy/dislike) that are specifically targeted to millennials. #MuseumHour #imamusaller
  7. Do you value Instagram and the “selfie culture” that seems to distinguish millennials as positive or negative? #MuseumHour #imamusaller
  8. Do you think millennials are less able than other generations to focus and discuss big social issues? And how does their way of thinking affect the museums they work for? #MuseumHour #imamusaller
  9. Why do you think museums should focus on better serving all millennials, including those representing minority groups? Rate the current situation in your country on a scale from 1 to 10. #MuseumHour #imamusaller

And here’s the conclusion:

Thank you so much for such a great #MuseumHour! Make sure you participate to  the #MillennialMuseumBlast challenge (happening in 10 days) with @imamusaller and a bunch of other millennials. What a better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than showing some #MuseumLove for 10 awesome days?


And, as always, Happy Friday Heirloom everyone!

Thanks to Lena Pajdas, museum blogger at Fun Museums for introducing me to the team @MuseumHour!

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